Dear friends,

It gives us immense pleasure to welcome all of you to yet another exciting year at Oxford. The last year for Oxford India Society was a stellar one with a period full of initiatives and endeavors – Welcome event, Diwali Dinner, Holi, Bollywood BOPs, Republic Day event, IndoPak cricket match and the list goes on… our volunteers and committee members brought to you a range of cultural, sports and intellectual events. This year we plan to continue the good practices and build on the momentum gained over the last few years. With a highly diverse committee at charge, we aim to be not only a central hub for all ‘Indian’ things at Oxford but also a vibrant source of energy in driving the ‘real’ change across the University. Indians at home and abroad have entered an enthusiastic phase full of hope, anxiety and optimism. We have met many of you who have expressed their willingness to channel their passion and education into doing something ‘good’ for the Oxford University and India at large. We live strong to our theme that runs central to all our activities: Oxford for India. We pledge to inspire all of you by bringing the "action" element in all the things we do. For that, we will synergize the strength of collaboration in this highly intellectual place by coordinating with deep and diverse resources available here. The idea is to develop groups and forums that you can join, to meet and work with people who share your interests and to come together to build something actionable. We look forward to your unbiased support and undying enthusiasm in order to bring about a camaraderie in the spirit of India (and its students) in this lovely town of Oxford!

Ankit Shah Interim President (Elected Secretary), Oxford India Society

The Committee for 2015

Sneha Menon


Sneha is in the second year of the MPhil Economics. Prior to Oxford, she was working in the development sector in India, conducting research for and making research accessible to grassroot organizations. Her favourite hours are spent listening to podcasts in the Ladiez dibba of Mumbai locals and talking to her dog.

Sachi Patel


Niyati Gupta


Niyati is starting the MBA leg of her two year duel degree programme at the Saïd Business School after completing her Msc. in Education Technology at Oxford. Prior to starting her masters, Niyati worked on leadership development with primary school teachers and Head Masters with the focus on delivering effective learning models to improve student learning across public sector schools in rural India. In her free time, Niyati enjoys reading and photography.

Madhav Kumar


Madhav is a post-doc in Material science and engineering. He is an experimentalist and works on advanced nanoelectronic engineering. Before undertaking his Doctorate course, he has completed his Master degree in Nanophysics, a joint programme between University Joseph Fourier - Grenoble, France and University of Texas - Austin, USA. He is the international representative of Linacre College. As a member of the events team in OIS he is interested in organizing various events and making them successful. He is a great lover of Bollywood dance and has formed the Oxford Desi Dance Team to perform Bollywood dance in various occasions. He will be holding Bollywood dance workshops for the members during term time. You can contact him ( for any suggestions, comments, and query about events.

Maruthi Malladi


Maruthi is a 4th year undergraduate studying Engineering Sciences. He is specialising into mechanical engineering. He was born in Hyderabad and has grown up partially in India and the UK. Maruthi is an amateur Carantic vocalist and violinist. In his free time he likes to play cricket, squash, experiment cooking and hang out with fellow peers. He would like to see the Oxford India Society act as a platform for all Indians to share experiences and discussions on current affairs.

Sparshita Dey


Soumya Mishra

External Relations

Soumya Mishra is a DPhil. student at the Queen Elizabeth House, Department of International Development. She currently manages the Oxford India Policy Blog and is Secretary, Oxford Odissi Centre.

Soham Bandyopadhay


3rd year medic. Here to listen to your sporting requests and try my best to make them a reality.

Utsav Popat


Utsav is a 2nd Year undergraduate reading Mathematics and Computer Science at Balliol College. Translation: He shares a love-hate relationship with his laptop most of the time, though he does resolve differences right before a problem sheet is due. He manages the OIS website and hence, can often be seen coaxing the code to work. If you have any queries, suggestions or bugs (please no!), then please email him.