Vice Chancellor’s Message

Welcome to the very first Oxford-India policy blog. I am pleased to introduce you to this initiative by the Oxford India Society. A new development in the longstanding relationship between Oxford University and India, this forum will provide an opportunity for researchers, practitioners and policy makers to reach across their specialist fields – whether politics, economics, health or law – to discuss the pressing policy challenges currently facing India.

At Oxford we pride ourselves on both our commitment to excellence in academic research and public policy and our global outlook. A number of international partnerships and research projects at Oxford already address several topical issues facing India, including energy security, rural and urban infrastructure, and a stable economy. In fact, existing partnerships between Oxford and India provide excellent demonstrations of the relationship between academic research and the development of public policy. Oxford-based researchers working with their counterparts in universities and research institutes across India are currently examining issues ranging from climate change policy and healthcare policy to business, economic and social growth.

I am particularly enthused to note that our discussions will feature contributions from leading Indian practitioners and policymakers, and we look forward to their insights into successful policy making in the UK and India.

Professor Andrew Hamilton FRS
University of Oxford

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